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Anaerobic Pipe and Thread Sealing

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WEICONLOCK® SI 303-31 Pipe and Thread Sealing 85 ml
      Anaerobic Pipe and Thread Sealing
      WEICONLOCK SI 303-31 is a low-strength, permanently elastic pipe and thread sealing. For cold water pipes made of plastic and metal. Suitable as sealant in sensitive areas, such as the food industry and drinking water sector. Highly durable, although the adhesive remains elastic and absorbs impact loads. SI 303-31 is an acetoxy-curing 1-component silicone sealant with good chemical resistance to diluted acids and lyes. The sealant is suitable for plastic threads and plastic / metal combinations and has a high notch and tear strength. SI 303-31 has a very good weathering, ageing and UV resistance. The sealant can be used in many areas, e.g. as sealant in the food sector, for example in dairies and slaughterhouses, in the beverage and food production or in canteen kitchens.