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Power Grip

Sprayable traction that provides snow and ice support. The adhesion of the tyre is increased even in difficult road conditions.

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Power Grip 500mlPower Grip 500ml
      Power Grip

      Power Grip® – the sprayable traction that provides snow and ice support. The adhesion of the tyre is increased even in difficult road conditions By using Power Grip®.

      Power Grip® is suitable for use on cars with front, rear or all-wheel drive as well as forklifts, trucks, bicycles even shoes!

      The rapid traction in snow and ice!
      Increases traction up to 30%

          Suitable for:
              Car with front wheel drive
              Cars with rear-wheel drive
              Car with four-wheel drive
              Shoes and Boots
              Industrial Vehicles

      Every driver was already in this situation. It’s winter, the roads are covered with ice and snow, the tire will not get a grip and rotate through. An approach seems impossible. For exactly these cases WEICON has developed a product that provides the remedy and the drivers will help in the upcoming winter – Power Grip®.

      The new spray has been tested in extensive test series of the DEKRA and has a seal of the independent institute received. During the tests it was shown that Grip® Power increases the traction of the tires by up to 30 percent.
Whether in winter or all-season tires, retread or solid rubber – Power Grip® is universally applicable.

      The new spray snow chain is suitable for many types of vehicles.

Power Grip® can be used for example for cars with front, rear or all-wheel drive or be used in industrial vehicles. Due to its special formulation is Grip® Power up to -25 ° C. At lower temperatures, Power Grip® however, does not provide sufficient adhesion and should not be used any longer. It is quick and easy. PowerGrip must be sprayed on all drive tires just before the ride. Initially exempt Before applying the tires loose snow and ice. Shake the can well before use and fed with a distance of ten to thirty centimeters spray on the accessible tread of the tire. Depending on the tire tread and temperature Power Grip® dry for so long let (five minutes), a finger there are no more threads to the swabbing. Drive slowly in a higher gear to avoid spinning the wheels. Depending on the weather and snow tires should be sprayed regularly again. As a rule of thumb: The worse the weather, the more likely the job should be repeated. In the use of power Grip® is important to note that it has a supporting effect. However, it can not replace real snow chains.

      Please note this spray is only supportive, it is not a replacement for regular snow chains, please still drive with care and safely using this product.