Put an end to rust!

Put an end to rust!

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Anti-rust treatment and corrosion protection

Remove or prevent rust?

When fighting rust, one question is essential before you start: Do you want to remove rust or do you want to prevent it in the first place?

Depending on how you answer this question, there are different products you can resort to. It’s a little bit like caries.

Do you need tooth paste which prevents caries or do you already have a hole in your tooth which needs filling?

The end of rust – product overview

I’m sure you have all sorts of other things at home which need protection from the eternal enemy of metals. And our numerous products for corrosion protection and anti-rust treatment are likely to be suitable for many of your belongings. For a better overview, here’s a comprehensive summary table for you!

And now let’s get to work! Or how does the saying go? If you rest, you rust!

End of rust! Overview of WEICON products for rust control and pr

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